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Questions about Dermal Fillers


Q. I am NVQ3 qualified in Electrolysis only as this is the only module which interested me at the time (7 years ago).
I am also qualified in Permanent Make-up Application (6 years ago).

Do these qualifications satisfy your pre requisites for the above training course?

Will these qualifications satisfy your malpractice insurers?

A. As long as you have NVQ3 or equivalent these qualifications will satisfy both the course and the malpractice insurance policy.

Q. I have been told by many people that this course is only eligible for people who are medically trained i.e. nurses and doctors

A. The injecting is not against the law for beauty therapists however it has always been the obtaining of malpractice insurance cover that has prevented them from learning this skill.

Q. Which areas (i.e. lines and areas of the face etc.) will the course 1, level 1 course cover?

Will the same lines and areas of the face be covered under the malpractice insurance?

A. The first course will cover fine lines & wrinkles. Further courses will be available for advance training for lip enhancement & cheeks at 6 monthly intervals

Q. Upon completion of the course, where will I buy syringes and filling products (i.e. Restylane etc.) information leaflets and other necessary working products?

Also, are any working products (injectables, syringes etc) and paperwork (i.e.information leaflets, consent forms) included i the course fees?

A. On completion of the course you will be provided with syringes & products for use. We will give you full details of ordering & prices on the day.
Client consent forms will be provided.

Q. Is the Certification a Qualification of Competency, or just one of attendance?

A. The certificate will be a qualification of competency presented on completion of the course.

Q. Will I receive my Certificate of Competence and my Malpractice Insurance Cover on the same day as the course so that I can begin paid-for treatments immediately?

A. The certificate of competency will be faxed to the insurers on completion of the course. The malpractice insurance will be issued on receipt of this. Should take 2-3 days.

Q. Am I right in assuming that, during training you will supply live models so that I will have practical hands on experience of injecting hyaluronic acid into facial lines etc?

A. Models can be provided or you may bring your own model if preferred.

Q. Will Mr. James McGrath personally be giving me my training of practical hands on injecting on your models?

A. All the training will be done by Mr James McGrath

Q. When are the course dates?

A. The course will be running from March onwards. Please contact Hayley for available dates